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teeny tiny toes
Originally uploaded by cplamann.

every year, i take january off to recover from the holiday rush and to give myself time to experiment, play and photograph just for the fun of it.

the exception to this rule? newborns. i will always find room in my schedule for a newborn session. ittle june was a photographer’s dream — happy and sound asleep the whole time! how can i resist this? her doting sister was a hoot, too. all she wanted me to do was put the camera down and play puzzles with her.

Originally uploaded by cplamann.

why be photographed when you can play puzzles?

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Originally uploaded by cplamann.

i think that the #1 comment i receive upon discussing my occupation is “wow! you must have a ton of fabulous photos of your kids!”

not so, my friends. when my oldest was about one, she decided that she would have nothing at all to do with my camera. it came out, she ran away. thankfully, i have fabulous photographer friends who make sure my walls are covered with great pics of my girl.

the little one, though, she’ll still smile at anything that moves. i figure i have about nine more months of photographic opportunities.

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Happy New Year, everybody!  I hope that everyone’s 2007 has gotten off to a great start.  Any good resolutions? 

To celebrate a new year full of health, happiness and fabulous photographs, I am offering a PRIZE to the first person to book and pay for a session (and mention this post).  The PRIZE is a Family Membership to the new Discovery World in downtown Milwaukee.  The aquarium wing is FANTASTIC for the little ones and the Science wing is every big kid’s dream.

So, book today!  Session must be held before May 30, 2007.  If you’re not ready for portraits by the end of May, then tell a friend and receive a $30 print credit for the referral!

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Oh wow, it’s only been two hours and the responses I’m getting are just great!  It’s so much fun to read all of them.  Keep them coming and tell your friends!

I forgot to include VERY IMPORTANT information:  the deadline to submit your entry is Friday, January 12, 2007!

The answer to the BONUS QUESTION is:  we’re celebrating at our house today because my little Rachel turns TWO today!  Congratulations to Laurie Vega for winning the $100 Freckle Face gift certificates!  A very close second and third go to Matt Sauer and Shelli Ficks, who will each receive a little something as well!

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