About Christine Plamann, Milwaukee Photographer

milwaukee photographer christine plamann

Photography and parenthood are so intertwined in my life.


From those foggy no-sleep newborn days to the long sportsball watching days spent sitting in a middle school gym,  I believe that documenting families as they are right now really matters. The days are long, and the years are short, right?


I’ve been documenting baby bellies, newborns, families, and sibling love since 2004 in and around Milwaukee. Every chubby wrist and gap-tooth smile I capture brings me straight back to that time in my own children’s lives. For me, the magic of photography is that an image can bring us right back to a feeling. Years later, the feeling can be measured and felt when we see the photo, even after time has dulled our memory.


My style is uncomplicated, un-fussy, and a little bit silly. I take time to get to know you and your family because I think it’s important to create photos that you feel show your connection. The clients who hire me want natural and intimate photos of their lives together.


I photograph you and your family wherever life happens, in your home, or on the beach, or in my big, bright studio in Walker’s Point.


My zoo in Bay View consists of my endlessly patient husband Mark, our three creative kiddos, Rachel, Ellie, and Lucy, the world’s most loving and vigilant Springer Spaniel named Scout, and two sweet kitties named Veronica and Ginger.  When I’m not photographing or driving someone somewhere to some practice, I enjoy reading, cooking, and could be considered a serial hobbyiest (ceramics being my current past-time).






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131 W. Seeboth St.

Milwaukee, WI 53204

call or text: 414-690-3962