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Give Me the Wild Children

give me the wild children
with their bare feet
and sparkling eyes.

the restless,
churning climbers.

the wild ones using their outside voices,
singing all the way home.

give me the wonder-filled, glorious mess makers
dreaming of mountains and mud,
aching to run through a field of stars.

-Nicolette Sowder

Family Session Types


With three types of sessions to choose from, there's something for everyone. Not sure which option to choose? Please reach out and I'm happy to help determine the best fit!


Regardless of which session type you choose, you will have an incredible experience!


A PDF with detailed session pricing information (session fees, digital files, prints, etc. can be downloaded here.

The Signature


The Signature Session is your go-to option for newborns and on-location family (or extended family) photo sessions. Your home, the beach, a favorite park or one of several gorgeous locations that I have up my sleeve.


The Signature Session fee is $225 for weekdays ($325 for weekends) and includes time and talent only. Prints and/or files are priced separately with a variety of options to meet every budget.


...Full pricing details.

The Simplicity


The Simplicity Session is a fantastic option if you'd love a studio or Third Ward/Riverwalk family session.


The Simplicity Session is $495 for weekdays and includes your favorite 5 images provided digitally. Additional files and/or prints are available.


..Full pricing details.

Portrait Day


Portrait Day (kids-only studio mini sessions) takes place on set weekends three times per year (Spring, late Summer, late Fall).


There is no session fee and no purchase obligation. Prints begin at $40 and the digital collection (every image in your gallery provided in both color and b/w) is $445.


Portrait Day Details & Registration


Wondering where to go for your family photos?


Check out my Guide to Milwaukee Family Photo Locations!

What to Expect


Family sessions take about 45 minutes- maybe a little more, probably a little less. I work very quickly to capture a wide variety of images. We will capture family shots (some with everyone looking and smiling, some with everyone snuggling up), photographs of just the kids, just the parents, individuals of each child, each parent with each kiddo and a whole bunch of candid, sweet and silly shots of your family being who you are.


Your session will feel more like a family play date than a photo shoot!


I’m not a "say cheese" kinda photographer. The best smiles and expressions are the ones that are given without prompting. If you notice that I spend a lot of time talking to your children (or just watching them) with my camera in my lap, know that I’m just getting to know your family — and letting your kids get to know me — while waiting for the right moments.


I have games that I like to play with kids and families that are designed to elicit natural, happy smiles and genuine connection. All you need to do is relax and play with your kids and let me do the rest. Showing up comfortable and happy is the absolute best thing you can do to ensure an amazing session.




If you have any questions at all about any aspect of our session or process, please reach out and let me know. Not only do I want you to have beautiful photographs of your family to cherish forever, but also to have a fun and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.


I am more than happy to help you with anything from choosing outfits to deciding where and how to hang your portraits. I can even offer a few tips for encouraging an unenthusiastic spouse. Okay, one tip: Cocktails.


I would love the opportunity to photograph a little slice of your family life and my hope is that we'll work together for a long time to come.


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507 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204 // call or text: 414-690-3962