milwaukee camera class

Milwaukee Camera Class


Join me for Coffee + Cameras! Bring yourself and your DSLR or Mirrorless camera and encourage your friends to sign up as well. This casual, hands-on class takes place in my Milwaukee studio and is designed to help you get familiar with your camera, it’s functions and turn photography from frustrating to fun!

We’ll cover the basics of exposure and what settings are needed for specific situations, whether that's for an upcoming vacation or a Saturday morning soccer game.

My goal is get you away from shooting on auto and more comfortable shooting in the creative modes (A, S/Tv, M).

I keep classes small so that everyone can have their specific questions answered and leave feeling more confident in their ability to capture the moment!


Coffee + Cameras

Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 1pm

(in person, NO mask required)

Register online!


Visit RockYourCamera.com for more photography fun!


What others have to say

The class I took was incredibly helpful. In an afternoon I learned enough to become comfortable using our camera for the first time. She was easy to understand on a topic that I have had a hard time learning about in the past. - Margaret

Really casual class, informal which allows for questions, conversation and a relaxed atmosphere. Very informative, especially for beginners. - Daniel

After two years with my camera, I can finally truly use it! - Abby

Your style of teaching is excellent. Small class size is also helpful.

You had wonderful materials and resources that simplified everything. The basic details were the main focus while everyone was able to ask individual questions.

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131 W. Seeboth St.

Milwaukee, WI 53204

call or text: 414-690-3962